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This icon pack and associated docs were originally created by Michael Walden for the FOXSCAPE theme.



Simply uninstall the Moonscape Icon Pack extension from the Add-ons Manager.



There is an area of theming that is overlooked by most theme authors. This area is overlooked because few theme authors are aware of its existence.

The lack of awareness is probably due to the fact that themes are not presently able to apply a theme to the area that is overlooked.

What is an icon pack?

An icon pack allows you to change the icons that appear in the upper left corner of the titlebar on the browser window.

These icons can also be seen on the taskbar. After installing an icon pack, all newly opened windows will use the installed icons from the icon pack.

Where can I get icon packs?

Presently there is one main source for Firefox and Mozilla icon packs and related information located at:

The Icon Packs Project - Firefox and Mozilla Icon Packs

That web page is somewhat in disarray and not maintained well, but it still has some good content. Aside from that web site there are only a handful of other places on the web that have some icon packs.

What was done while creating the FOXSCAPE Icon Pack?

In spite of similarities to the icons in the following icon pack, only four of the icons in this icon pack come from it.

Classic Icon Pack for SeaMonkey/Mozilla Suite (Windows and Linux)

The bulk of the icons used in the FOXSCAPE Icon Pack were extracted directly from the files in Netscape (version 4.8) and a few from other sources.
The following four icons are the ones that were taken from the Classic Icon Pack mentioned above: These four icons are not included in Netscape 4.8 and are unique to the Classic Icon Pack. They may have come from an early version of Mozilla.

File type icons

In the Classic Icon Pack and FOXSCAPE Icon Pack there are several icon files which are meant to be used as icons that appear on the desktop of your computer to represent various types of files.

The Icon Packs Project web site mentioned earlier gives no description of how one would make these files become active in their computer's operating system. I know it can be done, but for now, I will leave that to you to figure out. In the future I might provide a description of how to address this.

Below is a list of the file type icons in the FOXSCAPE Icon Pack:

Program shortcut icons

There are several icons in the icon pack which could be used to replace the standard icon used on program shortcuts of Pale Moon. Unfortunately, at the present time the only way to make these icons active is to use a special utility program (like Resource Hacker) to directly replace the default icons in the program with the ones in the Moonscape Icon Pack. This method is highly not recommended as you have to do this everytime the application updates.

You can refer to the Icon Packs Project web site mentioned earlier to read more about using these icons. Below is a list of the icons in the Moonscape Icon Pack that are likely to be used as replacements for the default program shortcut icons.


Feel free to use any parts of this icon pack in your own creations. You need to give Michael Walden, the FOXSCAPE Icon Pack, and the current maintainer of this theme a bit of credit in your creation.

Thanks in advance.